Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Tuesday and How You can Help Real Families in Need!

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Happy Holidays everyone! This is the season for giving and I think we can all agree that teaching our children to give is very important. We are all human, as much as we want to give sometimes we easily just become bystanders. What is a bystander? Well, have you ever watched the news and seen a segment on something just terrible? Most of us just say "Oh, what a tragedy"! and then flip the channel and do nothing about this terrible situation that we just saw. Why? Because most of the time we assume that someone else is going to step in and take care of the situation. This phenomenon  is called bystander apathy.

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year that is December 2nd 2014. Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for what we have, and spending time with our family and friends. Somewhere along the way the spirit of true giving was lost and it was replaced with a media frenzy of Black Friday sales, and the notion that chaotic stores and low prices can make giving a cheap gift seem like something truly special. Giving Tuesday's goal is to remind everyone that true giving comes with no expectations. Helping a family in need or donating to a cause is a real true gift that could help change someones life. GiveForward is a website that helps connect people in need to people who want to help! You can choose to help anyone from a church or temple, to a child with cancer or an accident victim that needs help with daily survival. You can click here to see all of the GiveForward Campaigns or if you know someone that needs help this site could help them!

There is one very special cause on GiveForward as I write this post. Andrew Shah is an adorable boy who has Cancer. The Shah family has incurred $21,000 in out of pocket medical bills because their insurance refused to pay for several treatments ordered by Andrew's cancer doctors after he had already gotten the treatments. Not only is this very stressful for the family, but they know if they don't pay they could very well be turned down for more treatments for their son. This is a very hard time for the family and every little bit counts. No young child should have to live with cancer, but since we can't help take away the cancer, we can at least help make his life a little happier. So far they have raised $3,736 out of the $21,000. There have already been 50 donations so let's see if we can help them reach their goal! CLICK HERE to help this family on Giving Tuesday this year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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We found this adorable American Greetings Holiday Card and it is only $1.18 SHIPPED after code! WOW! That is less than the cost of buying a card and shipping it out myself!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Check out Tunecore's Merchlink for Awesome Band Merchandise!

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Looking for custom designed fan merchandise for your band!? Look no further! Tunecore's Merchlink is a great new website where you can get all of the most sought after products that fans want! Hat, Bags, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, and so much more! You can customize all of these awesome products! Choose your colors, add your logo, design your name and make your merch as awesome as your band! It is well known that merchandise is one of the best ways to promote your name and get people talking! Head on over to Tunecore's Merchlink today! They have tons of great items for the Indie Rocker at Artist friendly prices so you can be sure you are getting the best deals around. This site offers artists the opportunity to purchase customized, high-quality items at competitive artist-friendly prices and is a great way to promote their music around the world, plus add more income from the merchandise sales.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Activz Complete Multivitamin Shake Review

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When it comes to nutrition and overall health of my family, I'm up for trying anything that can make our lives more complete. I was able to review some Activz complete multivitamin shake made with organic rice protein.  This stuff is pretty awesome.  Not only does it help with immune function, sustained energy and overall health, it tastes great!  A little on the sweet side, the natural vanilla and berry flavoring was perfect for my 4 year old daughter.  She loved it in her yogurt - and didn't even know she was eating something healthy!

Activz uses the power of whole foods to give you nutrients from 9 servings of fruits and vegetables.  This just happens to be the same number of daily servings recommended by the CDC and USDA!  Instead of swallowing pills or syrups, this convenient shake is nice for on the go moms like me.  I also like that it supports heart health, because in my family, we have some pretty serious coronary issues.  With each serving, I get 22 of the vitamins and minerals that my body uses the most.

Besides putting this in with yogurt, I can also use it after workouts, because it replenishes my system really well.  If you've been following my blog, you know I've been trying to lose weight, and have been pretty successful - but having Activz complete makes me feel better during the day, and fills me up, too. Activz also comes in many different flavors Like a Greens Smoothie, Whey Proteins, Raspberry Powder, Beet Powder, Carrot, and more! Each one has it's own special concentration so if your kids don't eat their carrots you can make them smoothies with the carrot powder! You can get yours HERE!

Surprise Ride Carnival Box Giveaway!

Surprise Ride is just that, a surprise!  These amazing monthly boxes were founded by sisters who truly enjoyed their childhood with their father, and all the things they did with him. They are now making this happen for children all over!  Family togetherness, education, creativity and fun make up each of these unique boxes. Every Mom or Dad can respect their three basic principles:
1. Kids are brilliant.
2. Curiosity fuels success.
3. Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail.

The describe themselves as "a monthly box of adventure."  Getting kids ages 6 to 11, excited about creativity that they can share with their parents and siblings is what motivates this unique company.  Each box is filled with all of the supplies needed to complete projects that explore the month's theme, a book, snack or other fun surprise and a Surprise Ride booklet that helps you explore the theme of the box.

Secret Word for Surprise Ride Carnival Box Giveaway!

The Secret Words for the Giveaway are:

MONDAY:  surprise
TUESDAY:  creativity
WEDNESDAY:  imagination
THURSDAY:  education
FRIDAY:  carnival
SATURDAY:  ingenuity
SUNDAY:  projects

Not sure what this all means?  Head over HERE to enter the giveaway!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

FREE Personalized Video from Santa!!!!!!

YAY!  It's that time of year again!  Head over HERE to create a cool little video from Santa to your child from Portable North Pole!  These videos are priceless and so much fun to create and watch over and over!  This is also fun for adults, and you can even pick "naughty" or "nice"!  The FREE video includes 1 storyline, 2 photo uploads and 3 minutes of video!  Choose between a Classic video, Grown-ups video or Birthday video. My daughter really loved this! It is so much fun and it will reinforce the tradition of being good for Santa's Sake!
    Add more personal information about the child or adult, and you'll have choices for some silly comments from Santa, as well!  Add pictures, with the option to upload them from your Facebook albums,  and enjoy your neat movie to get you and the kiddos into the holiday spirit!

    Create yours HERE!

    Friday, November 21, 2014

    GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a Bentley SeatPet!

    What if there was a fun way to ensure that your kids keep their seat belt buckled?  Wouldn't it be nice if the kids could entertain themselves while sitting in the back seat during long road trips?  Introducing the multi-award winning toy - SeatPets!  These are more than just a super cute stuffed animal!  SeatPets are designed to fit over your child's seatbelt, and act as a snuggly stuffed friend, a pillow, and a travel bag, all in one! Even better, SeatPets can be transformed into a backpack, too! How cute are these! My daughter always falls asleep in the car so this would be perfect!

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    Online boutiques are all the rage right now.  There are hundreds out there, and they all seem to offer the same items.  That gets frustrating, especially when hunting for the perfect gift.  If you're a unique boutique fan like we are, you'll be super excited to hear about GroopDealz!  This is a booming online store that offers limited time deals at seriously discounted prices!  What makes it different?  The items are hand picked by the amazing staff, the prices are cheaper than most boutiques we've seen, and the customer service is out of this world!  From home decor to children's clothing, and unique jewelry to customized handbags, there are always awesome deals at GroopDealz!  With the limited time offers, there's always something new and exciting every week! I always find great deals on Groopdealz! Definitely check them out for deals on everything that is in style!

    Enter to win a Cattaneo Bros. Chef's Medley Mitt filled with jerky!

    Cattaneo Bros. is an incredible beef jerky and sausage company, local to San Luis Obispo, California, but known for its quality worldwide!  A lot of their processing is impressively still done by hand.  This makes a huge difference in the distinct taste of their jerky.  The recipes that helped create the business over 6 decades ago, are still being used, which allows for the unique pleasure of tasting the 100% beef in the jerky.  Many other jerky companies pad their products with unnatural ingredients, overload it with spices and mask the taste of the genuine beef, but not Cattaneo Bros.!  High in protein, low in calorie, MSG-free, 97% fat-free, gluten-free options, and no added sugars help to keep the flavors natural and healthy. Even their new "Range" jerky is made from pasture raised, grassfed beef, and hung by hand to slowly dry. This is a great gift for men! My husband is very hard to buy for and I think this is something great for him!

    Check out The Binder Ladies' full review of these awesome products HERE!

    Enter to win a Cattaneo Bros. Chef's Medley Mitt filled with jerky!
    This set retails for $42.95.
    The more entries you complete, the better your chance of winning!
    This giveaway will run from 9 am EST on November 21st - 11:59pm EST on November 24th.