Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: Merry Christmas Little Hoo eBook!

*Mommy's Makin' It received this eBook to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.
During the holidays as parents we are always trying to bring that magic of Christmas to life by telling our kids about Santa, moving around our Elf on a Shelf, and reading them Christmas Stories! Christmas Stories are a great way to get your child's imagination flowing and this book, Merry Christmas, Little Hoo! is a great story to read to your child during the holiday season! The best part? It's an eBook so you don't have to wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Jessica from Mommy's Makin' It received Merry Christmas, Little Hoo! for this review. It is such a cute story! I have two girls, a 4 year old and an 18 month old. They both LOVE this book! I have been reading it to them just about every night. The book is about an adorable little Owl named Hoo. He is supposed to be sleeping on Christmas Eve, but he keeps hearing all of these interesting noises! He imagine what all of these noises could be, like elves or Santa coming on his sleigh, but he soon discovers what the real sources of these noises are, like Mommy in the Kitchen! The illustrations are really amazing too! Very good book for kids about 2-4! Get your copy HERE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Recipes: 15 Unique Fudge Recipes!

Here are 15 awesome fudge recipes to get your mouth watering this holiday season!

The Horrible Gift Guide: Great Gifts for the People you Hate!

*Please be aware that some of these "gifts" might be slightly offensive to some.  Our intent is to make you smile - not be offended!

Are you looking for a really TERRIBLE gift!? This is the perfect guide for you! Whether you hate your boss, have a stupid best friend, or maybe just a bitchy Mother-in-Law, some of these gifts are sure to piss anyone off!

The Man Sack- For only $14.95 you can score this HUGE sack!

Bacon Shaving Cream- $12.99- Make someone look good and taste great at the same time!

Fart Pads- $18.98- Is the weird guy in the next cubicle always stinking up your space? This might be a great gift for him!

The Wine Rack Bra- Wish your girlfriend had a bigger rack? Or maybe she is really just a lush!? This great Wine Rack Bra is only $35.95.

Bear Coat For a steal at $159.99 you can get this giant wearable rug, stuffed animal.... thing.... hhmmmm.

Beard Hat- $18.00-  Hubby can't grow facial hair? Or maybe you have a thing for the guys from Duck Dynasty!

Cat Hanger- This item is currently sold out! I guess a lot of people are buying these for the crazy cat lady next door!

Ugly Christmas Sweater- $20.11- It's funny, this item has become extremely popular because of the whole Ugly Christmas Sweater Party movement! I still think they're ugly though.... not a good gift.

Mullet Wig-$5.50- Have a thing for 80's hairbands? This is a great gift for your lover! Maybe a fantasy night perhaps?
Obama Chia Pet- For only $34.50 you can give you favorite democrat this awesome Chia Obama Head! Or maybe you want to give it to your favorite republican! Either way....

Toilet Mug- $11.61- Want to make your boss drink from the toilet? Now you can!

White Trash Cook Book- $13.00- I have no words...

Weener Kleener Soap- $5.87- Know some who needs a cleaner weener? Yeah....

Willy Warmer- Does your hubby work outside during the cold winter months? For only $8.11 you can grab this warmer to keep his willy free from freezing! Who knows.... it could fall off!

The Gift of Nothing- $6.53- That's a steal for this empty package of literally NOTHING! Hate someone that much? This is even better than not getting them anything!

Canned Unicorn Meat- $14.95- Yummy?

Puppy Love Fragrance for Dogs- $29.99- Have a stinky dog? Get them some Ou de Toilet! Just a spritz and you will have a pretty smelling pup!

Spray on Hair- $5.50- Boss with a Bald Spot? Get them some spray on hair so you can stop seeing their reflection after they turn you down for yet, another raise...

Bluetooth Toilet Paper Roll Holder- $29.99- Bathroom not musical enough? No more newspaper delivery? This is a great gift for the man who likes to take his time on the toilet!

Undies for 2- $8.52- Everyone knows that annoyingly affectionate couple! Why won't they just stop kissing for a minute!? Will they ever come up for air? This is the perfect way to tell them just how annoying they are!

80s style iPhone Case- $10.64- These and the mullet wig would go perfect together!

The Mountain Green Eyes Cat Face T-Shirt- $12.98- Ohhh MY! George Takei loved his! Though I think your crazy aunt with all those cats might like it more!

Plush Deluxe Parrot Hat- $15.25- Hate your girlfriend? Maybe she will finally break up with you after opening this horrible gift!

Deer Rear with Bottle Opener- Sold out already! All those hunters must really need this bottle opener in their lodge!

Digital iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad- $34.99- Lazy parenting? Lazy Kids? Nah, maybe it will help them concentrate more on going potty! Or make them poop whenever they are on the tablet.. hhmm...

Unicorn Horn for Cats- $4.54- Oh... cute... unicat? I am sure your cat would love this Christmas Gift!

The Daddle- For only $39.99 you can score my favorite item on this list! Does your hubby love giving piggy back rides but it just hurts his back? Well, this Saddle is great for the daddy in your life! Giddy up!

If you're looking for GREAT Gift ideas Click the photo below! There are some really amazing gifts for that special someone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review + Giveaway: Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup

*Mommy's Makin' It received Little Cosmetics to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.
If you have a daughter, you know that she just loves to be like mommy! Little Cosmetics was created by a mom who watched her daughters interactive play and discovered that children love to play with items that are realistic. After shopping around for play makeup for her daughter, she realized that there are no real alternatives to real makeup, it was either really fake and hard plastic, or real and makes just as much of a mess as real makeup! Little Cosmetics looks and feels real so your child can feel like they are playing with real makeup!

Jessica from Mommy's Makin' It received this adorable Little Cosmetics Makeup Set. Haylee was SO EXCITED! At first, my four year old would go into my bag and get into my makeup. She would paint her face with my Lipstick and Eyeliner, and powder herself with my foundation. Of course this would make a huge mess and wind up costing me tons of money! As I silently freak out inside I tell her how beautiful she looks but I really wanted something she could play with and feel beautiful without a huge mess. I went to the Toy Store one day and I found a plastic makeup set. It had all hard plastic items like Lipstick, Eyeshadow, and foundation. When she sat down to put on her makeup she was very unhappy because she knew it was fake. I felt terrible! Little Cosmetics is a whole different kind of play makeup! My daughter absolutely adores it and every single morning she tells me she has to put on her makeup! So now, every morning, Haylee and I sit at the mirror and we put on our makeup together! So cute!

I really love the products. The makeup itself comes in a beautiful makeup bag. The Essential Kit comes with a Powder compact with plastic mirror (which is unbreakable), Pink Blush Compact, Lip Gloss with Roller Ball, Glitter Pot, Eye Shadow Palette, Makeup Brushes, and the bag. The makeup itself all feels unbelievable real! When you rub your finger over it, it has that velvety smooth texture just like an Eye Shadow would! The best part? It isn't real so it doesn't show up on your child's skin! The compacts are really well made and they feel extremely durable. I would buy this set for every one of my daughters friends if I could! This is a perfect gift for any little girl this holiday season! Get yours HERE!

Enter to Win a Little Cosmetics Essential Play Set Below!!

Winner will have 48 hours to respond to and email from to claim their prize.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Review + GIVEAWAY!: Cool Ones Beer Chillers!

*Mommy's Makin' It received Cool Ones to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.
Cool One Beer Chillers are these really cool Stainless Steel Sticks that you pop into your beer to keep it super chilled! They are durable, contain no BPA and are FDA compliant. Just freeze for 45 minutes, pop in your beer, and chill out!

Mommy's Makin' It received these Cold One Beer Chillers and they are really.. well... COOL! Haha, they are so easy. We leave them in the freezer and when we need a chilled beer we just pop in a Cool One and it keeps the beer chilled! It works on warm beers to get it cold quickly, and it also helps to keep a cool beer from getting warm. I have a tendency to "nurse" my beer and about half way through I realize my beer is gross and warm... then I wind up trying to cool it back down in the fridge or just dumping it out! These cool ones are perfect for me and they make an awesome gift for your beer loving friend! Check out the photo below, you can really see how Icy they get! You can get yours HERE!

Enter Below to Win a set of Cool One Beer Chillers!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Gourmet Souffle Party! #tryazon #gourmetsouffle

*Mommy's Makin' It received Gourmet Souffle Products to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Tryazon and Gourmet Souffle teamed up to help 50 hosts throw awesome Gourmet Souffle Parties! The Tryazon website connects companies to consumers. The company will give you a party kit and date for you to throw your party, all you have to do is invite your friends and family! Use what is in your kit to show everyone how awesome the product is and that's it! Super fun and exciting and you don't have to be a blogger to do it.

Gourmet Souffle is a exactly what is sounds like. Yummy, Gooey, Chocolatey, homemade Souffles but without all the hassle and NO experience needed! It is so simple. JUST ADD WATER! WOW! Now, I am always a little skeptical with premade mixes but this mix is DIVINE! It doesn't taste boxed. To start, you just mix with water, pour into ramekins and bake. You have perfectly puffed up, sky high Souffles in under 15 minutes!

I have always wanted to make souffles but since I have kids who love stomping and running around I would pretty much have to wait until they were 18, right? Haha, nope! Now I can make souffles without worrying about them deflating! This was a really fun way to have a party too! Tryazon and Gourmet Souffle hooked me up with a great party kit! They send me a box of mix and ramekins for practice and to display at the party, plus enough mix and ramekins for 20 Souffles for my party guests! My family came over for some finger foods and drinks. I showed them the kit and how simple it was to bake them up! We had fun topping the souffles and most of all eating them! We all loved the deep chocolate flavor. They were so moist and just gooey and delicious. Even though they had such a deep flavor, they were still light and airy! Perfect! I filled the first 10 with White Chocolate and topped with Whipped Cream, and the Second 10 with Peanut Butter filling! Even better, they are so affordable! It is way more to make your own from scratch! Get your Gourmet Souffle Kits HERE!

 Want to host your own Party? Check out Tryazon HERE!

Thursday, December 11, 2014 Save up to 90% on Textbooks!

*Mommy's Makin' it was compensated for this post. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

AH! The end is almost near! Whether you are graduating high school in the spring, starting your winter semester, or just need textbooks for new classes, you KNOW that Text Books are SO expensive brand new! I remember my freshman year in collage. My mom freaked out in the campus book store when our total for 6 books came to over $1,000! is an awesome website where you can save hundreds by renting books! Have old text books just sitting there? You can make some money by renting out your old books! This company even gives back by donating to a charity organization! is super simple! You just type in you isbn number, title, author, etc., find your books, checkout and that's it! You can save up to 90% on textbooks which will give you much more money in your pocket! You know, for something other than Ramen Noodles. Textbooks arrive within 7-10 business days and you get FREE Shipping! Worried about highlighting? Don't worry! Highlight away! Most companies don't allow this, but with you have the freedom! 
How does it Work? 

Do you have some extra textbooks lying around? is a new division of Campus Book Rentals that allows you to earn money every time someone rents your book! Check out the video below for more info! has tons of great perks! They not only care about their renters, but they also care about others as well! With every textbook rental, will donate money to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an International Organization that provides free cleft surgeries to children whose families can't afford the medical care they need. 1 in 10 children born with a cleft lip don't see their first birthday. With the help from Operation Smile and we know that this statistic will change! So, rent your texts and feel good knowing that you helped a great cause!

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Secret Stocking Hunt! We've Secret Stockings - Collect Stockings to Score $75 Paypal or Other Fun Prizes!

Did you find a stocking?!  Scroll down to find out how to claim your prize!

Are you ready to hunt for some fun prizes!?  We have randomly hidden stockings on our sites for you to find - and each stocking you find and claim, may get you a surprise!  We'll let you know when a new stocking has been hidden, but be sure you're following all of us on Facebook:  The Binder Ladies, Couponing As A Lifestyle and Mommy's Makin' It, so you don't miss these updates! This is going to be super fun so start hunting! Make sure you read all the rules so you know how to claim your prize! 

Here's how to play:

*  Search our websites for hidden stockings.  You may find them on the main blog feed, on existing posts or even other pages!  The more you hunt, the better the chance you have of finding one!  There are 2 types of stockings you'll be hunting:  ?? and $$.  ?? stockings are prizes stockings.  $$ stockings must be collected to claim a $75 Paypal prize.

Come back everyday to keep searching:  The Binder Ladies, Couponing As A Lifestyle, and Mommy's Makin' It.

* When you find a stocking on one of our sites, comment on that post with the words, "I FOUND A HIDDEN STOCKING!" (specify which stocking, $$ or ?? and then email the blog you found it on, to claim your prize.  The first person to find the stocking, comment and email us will claim it.   There is 1 prize per hidden prize (??) stocking, and 1 point awarded per hidden money ($$) stocking.

Please put, "I FOUND A HIDDEN STOCKING" in the subject of the email.

If you found your stocking on The Binder Ladies, email Jeni -
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*  Once a prize stocking (??) stocking is found, it will be removed from the page.

* COLLECTING $$ Stockings:  There will be tons of stockings hidden between the three blogs.  Find as many stockings as you can, comment and email,  and  if you found the most, you'll win $75 Paypal!  To collect them, hunt the sites.  When you spot one, comment on the post with "I FOUND A HIDDEN STOCKING." Email the blog you find each stocking on to claim it.  When a stocking is found, it is removed and new stockings are hidden! Once confirmed, we'll announce the winner, and send your money!  Sounds like fun right?  

*  Cash prize to be delivered via Paypal. One winner will receive $75!

*  This hunt will end on through December 21st.


*This event is in no way sponsored by Facebook or any other social media.  All prizes are the responsibility of The Binder Ladies, Couponing as a Lifestyle, and Mommy's Makin' It.  Winner must leave comment on the page where the egg is found AND click on the egg to email in order to claim their prize.  Questions can be directed to Jeni @, Melissa @ Jessica @

100% Pure Beeswax Holiday Candles from Mohawk Valley Trading Company!

*Mommy's Makin' Received Candles to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: The Fourth Protocol Ebook!

*Mommy's Makin' It received this book to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. 
The Fourteenth Protocol is a superbly gripping novel. It takes place modern day with new into the work field main characters. The story surrounds a young man, Cade Williams, while he works at a large email company in Atlanta, Georgia. Cade is your typical shy computer geek who is actually really charming! He is not your typical "nerd" and the author definitely made him personable instead of awkward. Jana is the attractive (ok, gorgeous) and bold newbie to the FBI and just so happens to be a partner to Cade's best friend, also a newbie to the FBI!

After multiple bombings across the US, and Cade gets a HUGE promotion, the FBI starts to investigate their main suspects. Before long, they are led to Thoughtstorm. The very same building where Cade works on the restricted access floor 17! Becoming an FBI informant is not exactly what Cade was looking to do with his career but he just cannot say no to Jana. After finding some scary information, Jana and Cade team up to get the information they need to crack the case. There are lots of twists, a GREAT fight scene, edge of your seat attacks, and some other things that I will keep secret! I love that there are a few connections that you get to make on your own too! Like how Cade is in LOVE with Jodi Foster from Silence of the Lambs, where she plays the role of a new FBI agent... and his dream comes true with Jana! I would definitely rate this book 5/5 and I recommend it for 16+. Great novel!

You can grab your copy HERE!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.